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Santee Transmission Repair

Import Auto Service offers transmission repair which includes removal of the pan, replacement of filter and screen, inspection for leaks and contaminants, and changing the fluid.

Each transmission problem is unique and has to be addressed on an individual basis. With that in mind, we’ll need to have your vehicle at our facility to properly evaluate any transmission concern.

When you experience transmission problems don’t wait until the problem gets worse; have it checked immediately. A lot of transmission problems start out to be a minor repair but when you wait you put yourself at risk for a major transmission repair and a major bill.

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Santee Transmission Repair | Import Auto Service

Clutch, Slave Cylinder, We Rebuild Transmissions

IAS recommends replacing the fluid and filter in your automatic transmission per manufacturer’s recommendation.

Heat is the number one cause of failures in transmissions. The transmission oil is critical for lubricating the transmission and reducing friction. When the fluid breaks down and loses its viscosity, it no longer effectively lubricates the transmission. This causes premature and excessive wear and results in transmission failure.

What are some symptoms of transmission Problems?

These are just a few problems that may arise when you are having problems with your transmission:

  • Leaking-there will be red fluid on the ground.
  • A roaring or grinding noise
  • Erratic shifts Jerking or vibration
  • Check engine light on
  • Car cuts off when coming to a stop.

How much does a rebuilt transmission cost?

Replacing your transmission with a rebuilt transmission can save you hundreds of dollars depending on who rebuilt that transmission.

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